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Identity Yannis Jaccard
Age 29 years old
Nationality Suisse
Job Computer scientist
My hobbys
  • Bodybuilding
  • Movie theater
My dream Create my own company
  • French (native)
  • English (Intermediate/Advanced)
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My skills

Experience: 13 years
Experience: 10 years
Experience: 12 years
Experience: 8 years
Electron/Apache cordova
Experience: 8 years
Server web Ubuntu/Debian
Experience: 8 years
Business server Windows server
Experience: 7 years
Experience: 12 years
1) I work with each version, it depends on the objective and of the portability that you want
2) 100% isn't possible , 90% means a very good skill to make every real project.
More informations Less informations
  • I usually use git as manager of projects.
  • I regularly update codes that I made.
  • It’s common for me to work in full stack.
  • I work increasingly with NPM and nodeJs.
  • I used to work with google analytics.
  • During my studys, I used a lot C# and JAVA.
Experience: 7 years
Translate system
Experience: 6 years

My last job

eio logo


  • Automatise the data entry area by making script and tools in different languages. Build, set up an internal web server. Install and set up VMware Vsphere managed by a Vcenter. Build a database and get back all our data previously hosted by different services. Use different rest API (Oauth and n-Auth) in PHP, JavaScript, Python.
  • Install and set up of a physical server and all is software.
  • Install and set VMWARE vSphere controlled by Vcenter.
  • Create our own API interconnecting all our stores API into one single uniform layer.
  • Create a complex structured database capable of storing all our data and the logic from different stores into one uniform pack.
  • Manipulating different type and logic of API, Rest/WebSocket/GraphQl with different security system.

Technology used:

  • Html5/Css3
  • JavaScript with Nodejs and Electron, ReactJs and NextJs
  • PHP with composer
  • Mysql, Firebase and Azure

Major technology used:

Entirely created:

  • Electron App with complete use of eBay API
  • Creation of a complex data base.
  • Creation of our own API interconnecting all our systems.
  • Build a web server and set it up

Previous job

eio logo


Create a customizable webshop compatible for each format of screen. This site has the big advantage of being much faster than the majority of webshop currently online.

Technology used:

  • Html5/Css3
  • Javascript with some librairie (Jquery, moustache and some other...)
  • PHP, all components of this website are made reusable.
  • Mysql


Configure a Citrix VM which contain Ubuntu server. Manager of the DNS server.

Services installed and configured:

  • Apache 2.4
  • PHP 7.0, MYSQL 5.7
  • Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (POP3/IMAP) | both connected at MYSQL
  • Nessus
  • fail2ban | configured for all services

My favorite achievement

I small view of some of my projects. Sometimes made for my own use or under contract. The majority of my current projects are written in JavaScript to not waste any time on the dev. The backend side could be either PHP or NodeJs, it depends on the project. To get more information about my creations, please contact me by email.

Manager de boutique en ligne
Software Multi OS, 2017
WebSite, 2014
Modifying information, 2014

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Historic of the important moment

Work for “Electronic Inventory online”

eio logo

Hired as Data Entry, switched after one week to the main developer with the focus on growing the business.

2018 - now

Language travel in California

Depart for California to learn and improve English during a little more than 5 months during which I visited a lot of beautiful places like:

  • Yosemite National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Las vegas (NV)
  • Antelope Canyon (AZ)
  • Horseshoe Bend (AZ)
  • San Diego
  • Tijuana (Mexique)

I got my degree on February 24

Diploma EF international language
More information about my level
2016 - 2017

Creating a Web Shop

Creating a full Web Shop like Prestashop but easiest at modifying. This website will be putting online soon.

2015 - now

Learning Computer Scientist

Study to be Computer Scientist to CPLN for 4 years during which I made some interesting projects like :

  • Creating a cross Platform app in JS for Desktop
  • Installing and configuring a website SharePoint with Windows server
  • Creating an instant messaging for websites, easy to integrate.
  • Configure and install all component for a web server
  • Some showcase site
  • A lot of calculator high level enough

I got my degree with honor "Good", Average: 5,2/6 and end-of-study work: 5,6/6.

During all the time of my studies, I developing a social network still in development.

National certificate of capacity
Main page of the certificate
5,2/6 | Honor got in the end
CPLN 2012 - 2016

Learning some languages to make websites (self-educated)

I began to learn languages of the web (html/css/php) in the middle of my study of painter, that why I decided to stop it to study computer science.

2010 - 2012

Learning Painter for House

Beginning of my study of painter in the company "Mon logis" during a little bit more than two years or I restored apartment and house.

Mon logis 2009 - 2011

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This instant messaging has been set up on my resume to give more information about my way of thinking, observations and whatever goes through my head, the final idea that you know who I am. No surprise.
Works with:
  • Server: NodeJs
  • SQL: Mysql
  • Socket:
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